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6 May

First things first – I just approved a bunch of comments. Sorry about that, folks. At some point, I set comment moderation so that they would only post if I approved them, and then forgot. Oops.

Now the way it works is that, if I’ve approved a comment from you before, it will post automatically. If it’s your first time commenting, it will need to wait for me to approve it, but I’ll do so in a timely manner. This is because this blog does occasionally attract anti-feminist trolls and I’ve decided that it’s not my responsibility to provide a platform for them. Get your own blogs, trolls.

OK, now to the larger question – what am I doing with this blog? I’m not sure, to be honest. I’m still getting quite a bit of traffic (which I love!) and I have no plans to take it down any time soon. But I also have (clearly) been feeling a lot less interest in posting. I think the main thing is that there are only so many ways one can say “it’s ok to be kinky/submissive/whatever” before one starts to feel like a broken record.

Also, when I started this blog, I had just started to accept myself, and so it felt really important to get this all out there, to make friends with my monster. And I guess I can say “Mission Accomplished” because it now feels like not such a Big Deal – it’s just another fact about me, another aspect of my life. And there are a bunch of other aspects of my life that have taken more prominence lately, and so my attention has been there.

However, there are still topics I want to write about, like the fluidity of sexuality, why I find sadists so damn hot, my love/hate relationship with orgasm denial, my ambivalence about the “scene” and so on. So I’m definitely not done with this blog.

Love voyeur

12 Apr

A couple just recently moved in next door. I just heard them (very loudly) having sex. I was mildly annoyed, until suddenly one of them roared:

“Arrrrr, I love you so much.”

How could I not D’awwwww?

Rape Fantasies

10 Sep

This post is about erotic rape fantasies. Although real rape is not discussed other than in passing, I’m putting this below the fold for those who prefer not to read about sexual assault.

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