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“And as much ice cream as you’d like to eat.”

19 Jul

Apparently, James Spader is joining the cast of The Office.

But I’m sure he won’t be spanking any secretaries.

Oh well, a girl can (and will!) dream …


(5 points to the first person to identify the quote in the title!)

Still here!

10 Jul

Nope, not one of those cases of “whoops, forgot about my blog.” I’ve been busy with family stuff and work, all decidedly un-sexy, but I plan to resume my regularly-scheduled programming of outrage, snark and goofiness soon.

In the meantime, I recently bought a Kindle and have discovered the wide world of BDSM erotica in e-book form. That’s what kindles are for, right? Being able to read whatever the hell you want without fear of your roommates discovering your massive stash of embarrassingly-titled written porn? Anyway, I’m planning on writing about this soon – in the meantime, let me know if you have any erotica writers you love. So far, I’ve been enjoying Annabel Joseph and Kitty Thomas.