24 Apr

A few posts by The (awesome) Rambling Feminist got me thinking about privilege and position.

On this blog, I primarily have been looking at the world through the lenses of sexuality and gender, two areas where I have felt marginalized in some way. And it’s good for me to be able to write about these things, and how they intersect, and give voice to my developing thoughts about them.

But when talking about difference and privilege, it’s important to be open about where you’re coming from – how your identity and background shape your experiences. And crucially, the privilege that you do hold. This is a key value of feminism as I understand it, and one that I have always put at the forefront of my own real-world activism.

It’s the main reason I chose http://afeministsub.wordpress.com as my URL and not just http://feministsub.wordpress.com, even though that was available. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I think I’m speaking for all feminist subs.

I’ve been a bit vague about my identity here, for the obvious reason of anonymity. But I figure it can’t hurt to share some things about me that will help put my thoughts and experiences into context:

I’m white. This means I have the privilege of thinking about my sexuality and gender without having to think about my race at the same time. Not that white female sexuality isn’t racialized – far from it! But I don’t have to, for instance, worry that embracing my sexuality will feed into negative stereotypes about white people.

I come from a middle-class background and had an excellent education. This means that I got an education that gave me the tools to challenge the dominant cultural narratives about how I should express my sexuality, and the language skills to express my thoughts about this. My education also gave me the geographic and social mobility to move to a city known for sexual openness and surround myself with people who share my values.

I’m straight and cis-gendered. The privileges of these in the context of sexuality and gender should be fairly obvious and are far too numerous to count here (but here’s a cis-gender privilege checklist if you’re curious). So I’ll just go with the two I’ve been thinking about lately – as a straight female, it’s not that hard to find a straight guy willing to at least play dom. And if anything, being sexually submissive makes me more “acceptable” as a woman in our culture.

So that’s where I’m coming from. I apologize for the boring and possibly preachy post, but I figured it was best to address that so I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

One Response to “Position”

  1. theramblingfeminist April 27, 2011 at 1:17 PM #

    Oh, thanks for the shoutout!
    I’m glad you liked the post =D

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