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Good Girl

30 Mar

“Good girl.”

I don’t think there’s anything that captures my mixed feelings about submission like that phrase. There’s so much in there.  Continue reading

Reconciling my feminism, Part I

26 Mar

Once I started coming to terms with my sexuality, I began searching the internet to see if other feminists, especially female subs, have had similar issue reconciling their desires with their values and political beliefs. I found a lot of really great pieces (I’ve started collecting some of the best in this resource page). But more than that, I found a lot of people saying things like “of course this has nothing to do with feminism!” and “Feminism is about choice. If a woman chooses to do this, then it’s not anti-feminist.”

For a while, reading things like this actually made me feel worse. If it’s so easy for these women, why was it so hard for me? Why did I spend so many years shoving my sexuality down into a little ball? I felt like a fool, a chump.

But here’s the thing: I actually don’t believe that feminism is “all about about choice”. Continue reading

“Feminist dudes”

23 Mar

We were post-coital – or at least as post-coital as two people can be when the sex is over skype. But C had just coaxed me to a relevatory orgasm: me, naked on my hands and knees, fingers on my clit; he, fully clothed, instructing me to imagine his cock penetrating me, talking dirty to me (“Are you a dirty little whore? … Tell me”). We were in that lovely, intimate, slightly goofy space we occupied after our best sessions. I felt content, floaty, wrapped in my orgasmic glow. Continue reading